Supporting The America Cup CLF Cast-Lead-Follow program provides rehabilitation value to these brave men and women through fly fishing and companionship. A Soldier's Day for Wellness.


This Fall our CLF Program will be hosted through an ongoing partnership between The America Cup and area river ranch owners. It will offer guests an opportunity to get out on the water with top anglers and other supporters of The America Cup.  The events are on a Colorado river, where each guest and supporter will be joined by a top angler for a day of learning and fishing on the river. The local area will be providing lodging, and food, for the event at their property, where the trout lay nearby along the banks.

Cast-Lead-Follow Programs


Program: Cast-Lead-Follow

Overview: Guests come to better their fly fishing techniques and make friends. Attendees and Guides will fish an iconic stretch of trout water. Guides will be members of Team USA Fly Fishing, world class guides from Eagle and Summit Counties, the Front Range area, and top volunteers.

Goal: To increase the skill set required to put trout in the net through progressive fly fishing methods.

4:00pm           Ranch check in  
6:00pm           Welcome Dinner and open fishing into the evening

Fly Fishing
7:00am            Breakfast
7:45am            Guide meeting with John Knight to review program
8:00am           Opening remarks and greetings
8:30am            Gear check and leave for fly fishing river or lake
1:00pm            Lunch at ranch bunk house and group pictures
2:00pm            River fly fishing and spey casting clinic
5:30pm            Dinner and music at the host ranch
7:00pm            Open fishing

8:00am            Breakfast
11:00am           Check out by 11am          


The America Cup, Inc 

enriching lives, creating memories

CLF Cast-Lead-Follow Programs

Support our soldier's experience.

Funding Utilization: 
Event production, venue fees, transportation, soldiers lodging and meals, guest meals, gifts, monetary donation.

Cast Lead Follow Programs

yourself away from the life's trappings and head to the water.

Lead others to the water.

Follow the water to peace, tranquility, joy, adventure & companionship.