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The America Cup, Inc 

To promote and produce competitive and amateur fishing events at national and international levels and provide program support to groups in need of the rehabilitation properties that fishing can provide.


The America Cup, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes competitive and amateur fishing events at national and international levels and provides program support to groups in need of the rehabilitation properties that fly fishing can provide. For many years we have provided outstanding fishing programs to military veterans and others in need.  We utilize historic locations and iconic fishing destinations to enhance the experience of our guests being instructed by top anglers in the country and world. Progressive methods are taught so guests may return to their own home waters and catch with their family and friends.  We make our guests "able" to go fishing with enjoyment. 

The America Cup, Inc.


Founded: 2011

Director: John W. Knight

Board Members

Treasurer:  Ben Metcalf

Volunteer Coordinator:  Jack Knight


Annual Cast-Lead-Follow​ Fly Fishing Program

Goal: To increase the skills of soldiers to be 'able' to catch trout through progressive fly fishing methods, to then return home to fly fish with family and friends. 

​The iconic Coyote River Ranch is the staging location for river techniques.  Guests are guided by local professional guides. Lodging is provided on the ranch and meals are provided daily. Guides emphasize the knowledge for the attendees to be 'able'' to fly fish: rod and tackle, fly selection, water selection, fish habitat, and best practices. Progressive techniques are taught as well as traditional western methods.

Fly Fishing Tournaments and World Championships

Goal: To provide exceptional angling competitions at the national and international levels, to showcase the beauty of the area watershed and to promote environmental stewardship and clean water education.

The America Cup, Inc. was awarded the bid to host the 14th FIPS-Mouche World Youth Fly Fishing Championship 2015 and the 36th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship 2016 (WFFC).  This was an honor, as the last WFFC in the US was in 1996, and after 2016 will not be back for another dozen years.  The America Cup's annual tournament in Vail, CO had allowed us to train a volunteer base and learn what the best competition trout waters are in Colorado. Through these efforts, the FIPS-Mouche board awarded the events to us with full confidence. Both events were successfully produced and praised as one of the best in 36 years of championships.

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